Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

James and I had an action packed Memorial Day weekend.

We were house/ pet sitting out in Manor all weekend for our friend Bill, but we came into town and did tons of things during the days.

Friday night we got out there a little late because I was trying to get my apartment a little cleaner before basically not being there much all weekend. I swear I cannot keep up with the chores. Every night after I get James to bed (~8pm) I barely have an hour to sit/eat/think before I have to get back up and get things done for the next day (some of the following: lunches made, dishes cleaned, floors cleaned, highchair cleaned, laundry, cats fed, catbox cleaned, bathroom cleaned up, clothes laid out, trash taken out, etc.). I don't know how people with houses do it. If I had a yard, it'd probably look like hobos lived in it or I was trying to get it to revert to Great Plains status... maybe that wouldn't be a bad idea because the plains-dwelling Native Americans didn't do yard work; they had an annual fire and that was that. :)

Saturday morning we got up, ate breakfast, and then came back to my apartment where we went swimming for the first time. James' dad met us there. James wasn't quite certain about the pool at first, but splashing soon commenced and with it, great happiness. :)

I won four tickets at the last minute from City Search to the Ladies Brunch screening of Sex and The City 2 at the Alamo Ritz, so I found three other girls to go with me, and implored James' father to watch him for a few hours while I went. SATC was something I think I could've gotten into if I were a committed series watcher. I'm not really a SJP fan and there are definitely things about their lives that I can't identify with, but there are some universal girlisms that I think most of us can enjoy. I'm looking forward to getting to watch it all at some point.

The movie had one particular moment that I really appreciated. It's when Miranda and Charlotte both are commiserating over how hard motherhood is, and they basically break the fourth wall to say that they have no idea how women without a full-time nanny or partner do it. Honestly, ladies (and gentlemen), I don't know either. It's day-to-day, it's week-by-week, it's moment-to-moment sometimes. I feel like I live in a warzone. Whether it's a poop bomb or that the child (who has, as of 6/5/2010, learned to climb up onto the couch) is pulling down all the clean and folded laundry, or one of the cats has hacked up a hairball which my son immediately tries to pick up, or there are toys in my rainboots, or partially chewed graham crackers stuck in the child's hair... or he runs up to me, gives me a huge hug, buries his face in my chest and then proceeds to blow his nose... on my new shirt.

After the movie, which was a great mini escape fueled by mimosas (with orange and grapefruit juice), I picked James up from his dad's, and we went back to my apartment to clean up/ change. I put the child down for a nap (because he refused to sleep at his father's house). After he woke up, we went back out to Manor for the evening. After he went to bed I got to watch several episodes of LOST (which I hadn't been watching because of Glee, don't hate me for being practical: I knew people would record LOST but was pretty sure no one would record Glee for me), but started crashing before I got to watch the last three weeks' worth... so don't ruin it for me.

On Sunday morning bright and early (~7am), we went out for a run in the neighborhood where we were house/ pet sitting. There were lots of hills so it was a really good workout. We also found a frisky runaway Husky puppy and held onto him until his owners caught up. (The mother was driving around in an SUV yelling for him while her children were running/ wandering around also yelling. They didn't have a leash, or a collar for him when they got to us... pretty stupid if you ask me. We just stood still and I whistled at him and he came right up.) James liked the Husky and he liked James. The kiddo usually kinda gets freaked out by dogs because they move too quickly and get in his face too fast, but not this dog. Honestly, if I had to have one, I'd probably get a Shiba Inu or Husky type dog. They're really smart and don't smell bad like most other dogs do. (I'm not not a dog person, I'm just not an ALL dogs kind of person.)

After that, I got us cleaned up and we went back to my place to get ready to go to the lake with some friends. I made breakfast and scrambled to get our things together while James had a great time knocking over the chairs, cornering the cats, and toilet papering the living room. I finally got most of that all cleaned up and most of our stuff together when Lindsay and Daniel showed up with their little girl Zoe (she's about 7 months) to pick us up.

Lindsay's family is great. Their lake house was beautiful, her grandfather, and some of the other men in her family built it and the design is really cool. Lovely view, too. They cooked some great food and everyone was super nice. :)

After lunch we got in the lake. I tried to keep James from drinking the water, but you may as well try keeping a dog from scratching fleas. He didn't get too much in him though. I don't think he liked the taste. Lindsay bought these adorable little floats for the kids so that helped some too. They're inflatable with a little seat for their legs to go through and they have canopies to help keep the sun off. The water was pretty choppy from all the boats and there was a lot of debris, so James and I didn't stay in for too long. Lindsay and Zoe stayed out longer. Lindsay is a great swimmer; she can tread water better than pretty much anyone I've ever known.

After everyone got out and dried off a bit we went out in the boat. James hated the life vest we put him in and screamed his head off and tried to escape from it whenever he wasn't entirely distracted by things, but he looked adorable in it. :) He eventually wore himself out, and after a few minutes of being on the boat, he passed out. Zoe stayed awake the whole time. They let me hold her while Lindsay held James and she sat in my lap happily watching her parents. I'd almost forgotten what it's like to hold a kiddo as small as her. James weighs a ton these days.

Later, after we got back to shore and cleaned up (I put together a mini bath kit for James before we went out there and brought his PJs so he could go straight from there to bed) I was holding and playing with Zoe while James ran around trying to destroy things in the living room. Then he noticed... and he ran over to me, climbed up in my lap, and started trying to push Zoe away from me. He was actually jealous. He got jealous when I held his classmate Athena the other day, but he didn't push her, he just wanted me to pick him up too. He's a funny little guy... definitely likes being an only child which is good I guess since that's probably what he'll be.

We didn't get home till pretty late on Sunday night and it was even later getting back out to Manor, but all the cats everywhere were okay and purring at the times when I saw them, fed/ medicated them.

Monday we got started later than I'd kinda hoped because there was more to do at the house to get it ready for Bill to come back than I'd anticipated. Mostly, that was due to James knocking down a box full of tiny objects (which of course opened upon impact) and dispersing its contents widely, and secondly, James' desire to become a sanitation engineer... by which I mean he knocked over the garbage can and started sorting through it (thankfully, it was mostly paper items) while I was trying to clean up the aforementioned box of tiny objects. It was a busy morning for us. So, after we got back to the apartment, deposited some things and readjusted our travel gear, we went out to Taco Deli and had migas before heading to the outlets in Round Rock to hit their sales.

James has so much energy it's hard to confine him for any length of time. It was also super hot out. I had six stores on our list. We hit five of them, one unplanned one, and then bailed. I needed two new belts (one brown, one black since my current belts were falling apart), a pair of black summer sandals (since my black-trimmed espadrilles are coming apart), and two small going out clutches/wristlets (one brown, one black) so that I won't have to ask anyone to give up their man card by holding my lipstick or cellphone or whatever for me again. I stocked up on outfits for James for next summer and picked up some 18 month things as well. I figure if I get enough clothes for about a week in all of his sizes that between that, the grandparents, my friends, and his father's friends (birthdays/ Christmas), we'll be set wardrobe-wise and just pick up anything else from resale shops.

Post-outlets I was just exhausted. I had to set James free from the stroller a few times because he was starting to screech, and he immediately crawled under the clothing racks and hid... and he grabbed things off hangers (he did that while in the stroller too)... and he took off down aisles... and when I tried to try something on, he tried to crawl out of the dressing room... it was just exhausting... and then there were several "UP MOMMY, NOW!" moments and then the repeated tossing of the pacifier and the sippy cup, etc.

But we weren't done. Mondays are grocery days for us, so we had to go pick up some things. James was mostly good in the store because he was finally tired, but then he started getting cranky. I got us in and out of there with minimal damage... I had to take him out of the front child part of the cart and put him in with the groceries for a bit because he was just too squirmy and kept hurting himself and then yelling... and after I got all the groceries out, he stood up, and started opening and closing the child seat part of the cart... and when I tried to stop him, he did it one last time really hard, SLAMMING MY FINGER in it. :( I yelped. Tears came into my eyes. Then I carefully made sure the cart wasn't going anywhere and that he wasn't going to fall out of it, then I took a step back... turned away, methodically opened up the car, turned on the AC, and tried to breathe before retrieving him and putting him into the car. I looked around to see if anyone had seen what happened and sure enough, some kids across the parking lot in bikinis and cutoffs and other party gear, were loading up their truck with beer and saw what happened. One of them yelled over, "Damn, that looked like it hurt, Lady," and I said, "Yeah, it really did." Then I put the child in the car and we headed home.

Somehow, even though we hadn't spent much time there, the apartment was still a wreck. I did so well at Bill's house, you practically couldn't tell we'd even been there, but our house... what a mess. :( So, I started laundry, put things in the dishwasher, and tried to get stuff ready for the week.

I think sometimes my weekends are harder than my weeks... and I need to work on readjusting that, because they're supposed to be a time of rest and recuperation or something, right?

Anyway, that was Memorial Day weekend. It was a good/ busy one. How've you been? <3